Practical Items

Pianos can be converted into many useful items.

  1. Many metal and wood parts can made into tools.
  2. A lot of the wood from a piano is from old-growth trees. Some are hard woods and some are soft woods, both good for carving and sculpting.
  3. Many of the metal parts are ideal for hooks and hangers. Action brackets make interesting hooks for hanging coats, hats, bathrobes, towels, umbrellas, tools, kitchen ware, and more.
  4. Much of the hardware can be re-used for other projects. There are hinges, props, locks, levers, latches, screws, wire, flanges, and springs that make excellent substitutes for store-bought hardware. 


Extension Wrench
Mini Chisel

Carving and Sculpting

Hooks and Hangers

Jewelry Hanger
Miscellaneous Hooks and Hangers


Unique Hardware
Long Piano Hinges
Bolts and Lag Screws
Steel Pins for Shelf Supports
Steel Wire
Wheels and Casters
Knobs, Nuts, Washers, Guides, Screws, Hinges, Etc.