Ideas for Converting a Piano

  • Remove the action and plate and turn it into a desk
  • Remove the plate, action and keys and create a book shelf
  • Cut it down, re-use the wood and build chairs
  • Lay the sound-board horizontally and create a table. Build up dividers on the bridges to create dividers.
  • Use the sides, bottom, lid, and back-posts to construct steps or a ladder
  • Make sitting benches out of the sides and back-posts
  • Using a sideboard or front board as the base, glue scroll work and reliefs in designs for wall art. Frame it in piano trim
  • Remove the plate, install rubber casters and use the piano shell as a stage prop


  • Entire piano
    • Place the piano in the yard and plant trees, flowers and bushes in and on it
    • Install a waterfall in or over the piano
  • Piano parts
    • Make an artistic metal fence using piano plates
    • Braze iron plates together to make a large sculpture
    • Use pieces of plate for doorstops, paperweights, or counter-balances
    • Make a metal sculpture using piano pedals, V-bars, & other hardware
    • Carve the felt hammers into birds, animals and flower shapes
    • Make shapes out of action parts
    • Create structures and designs by gluing key sticks together
    • Do scrimshaw with old ivories
    • Remove key front rail and balance rail pins, and pound them into a design on a board the way people make nail designs.


  • Use music boards and knee boards for wainscoting on walls
  • Make a fence out of piano parts or with lots of pianos
  • Piece front boards, lids, side boards, knee boards and trim together to cover an entire wall.
  • Build a door using the design sections of fancy music boards
  • Use trim pieces to decorate shelving, walls, desks, or around doors and windows
  • Use tuning pins as shelf supports