Piano Recycling


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    Dean has been a piano technician since 1973, and is currently the Vice President of the Seattle Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild. He has repaired, tuned, and moved thousands of pianos, and is now shipping unwanted pianos to new happy owners in Lima, Peru.He has carefully dismantled hundreds of pianos, and has salvaged all the parts in one way or another. Some of his creations are desks, work benches, garden decorations, iron fences, whimsical
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    Ben is a certified welding inspector, and has used his skills to create several gorgeous sculptures using piano plates.
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    Allen Christian sculpts human forms from piano parts.http://upcycleus.blogspot.com/2013/10/sculpting-with-piano-parts.html


Chad in Lima, Peru
Tyson Ayres, https://www.SoundCave.org
Makers Group, Michael Rhode
Mauro ffortissimo, https://www.Mauroffortissimo.com
Pianodrome, https://www.Pianodrome.com