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Creative Piano Recyclers

Chad in Lima, Peru

Chad owns a store in Lima, Peru, where he sells used pianos at affordable prices. His movers pick up pianos around the greater Seattle-Everett area in Washington state. From there the pianos are loaded into a container and are shipped to Lima, Peru. Once in Peru, the pianos are unloaded, fixed, displayed in the store, and are ultimately sold and delivered to happy new owners. 

New Homes for Old Pianos

If you have an old piano that you no longer want, but you can’t bear the thought of discarding it in the land fill, consider donating it to someone who will truly appreciate and play it. If you are in the greater Seattle area (King County, Pierce County, or Snohomish County), then we would be glad to pick it up for a fee and ship it to Peru. For more information, call (206) 324-5055, or go to the following site: https://www.PetrichsPianoShop.com


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